Connect with a Teacher

Introducing the Aclipse Marketing Team, made up of current teachers abroad. If you wish to connect with a current teacher in regards to teaching and living aborad simply fill out this form, and we will forward your information to one of the current teachers who will then reach out to you in a prompt manner.   


Tijana Huysamen is a South African, Cape Town born travel journalist, English teacher, photographer and visual media producer. After graduating from Rhodes University in 2009, Tijana worked in the media industry for two years before embarking on her travels to South Korea in June, 2010. Tijana fell in love with Korean culture, speaking Korean and the memorable experiences of living among the humble countryside people. She is currently working at CDI Jamsil, a ChungDahm main branch in Seoul.

Giselle Moreno is from California, USA where she attended the University of California, Riverside. While a student, she always worked with international students and she decided to teach English abroad upon graduating during her third year of university. It was through the experiences of being an English tutor for international students that she felt really fulfilled. She found it particularly easy to get along with Korean students which is why she decided to pursue a teaching opportunity in Korea. She even attended Yonsei University in Seoul for a semester as a study abroad student and fell in love with the city. She is currently working at ChungDahm Learning’s April Daechi branch located in Gangnam, Seoul. 

Neil Frazer has been teaching with Chungdahm for a little over two years. He comes from a small town in Wisconsin, named Spooner and graduated from Olivet Nazarene University with a Bachelor's of Social Work. After traveling to Korea in college he quickly fell in love the culture, food, and quality of life that Korea has to offer and immediately knew he wanted to come back. He looks forward to sharing his experiences of living in Korea and working at the Pyeongchon branch, near Seoul.

Brian Lee began his second stint teaching in Korea for ChungDahm Learning in February 2018. He previously taught at the Main Mokdong branch back in 2013, and is currently placed at the Mokdong2 branch. He enjoyed his first time so much that he decided to come back for a second time and continue to explore and experience all that Korea has to offer. Brian is a native of Canada where graduated from both the University of Toronto and York University.