Meet Former Teachers

Meet Aclipse teachers and learn more about their experiences abroad!

Cody Hood

Cody Michael Hood, a Louisiana Native, graduated from Nicholls State University in 2015 and began teaching in Korea the following year. He started at Chungdahm’s i-Garten Branch in Gangnam, Seoul. After the completion of his year contract he returned home for a couple of months. The travel bug convinced him to return teaching in Korea where he now resides. He hopes to continue his travels around South East Asia while doing what is thought to be one of the most rewarding jobs. Catch up with Cody and his travels through Instagram (mrchood) where he’d be more than happy to answer any questions from inquiring minds.  

Ariel Rosen

Ariel Rosen graduated from Emerson College in Boston, MA in 2012 and immediately hopped on a plane to explore South Korea.  She taught for ChungDahm's Busan branch for a year and a half before before heading back home to Las Vegas, NV.  Ariel is currently pursuing a dual degree (MVA/MS MIS) and working at the university as a faculty assistant.  She credits her time teaching for ChungDahm for her helping her improve her presentation skills and being more confident working in front of people. 

Cindy Ung

Cindy Ung, a graduate from Rutgers University, decided to break from her busy life in the Big Apply to teach at the Gwangjin-Gu branch for ChungDahm Learning in Korea. Falling in love with the culture and wanting to spread knowledge to her family and friends back home, she has constant updates of beauty and food in Korea through her blog.