Chungdahm Inside - Best Faculty Member Ruby Kim

Ruby Kim, a graduate of SMU, teaches at Kwanggyeo and tells all about the Chungdahm 4.0 program.

Video Testimonials by Four Current Teachers

Watch teachers from America, Ireland and South Africa talk about why they decided to teach abroad and why they have enjoyed the experience so much.

An Interview with a New ChungDahm Teacher

Watch Jenna answer questions from veteran ChungDahm teacher Tijana about her first semester of teaching at ChungDahm.

Transitioning to Teaching in Korea

Watch Balreet talk about training, setting up a bank account and her first days at ChungDahm Learning.

Learn About ChungDahm's Smart Learning Platform

ChungDahm's Smart Learning Platform utilizes tablets to create two-way communication between students and teachers.

Get to Know the ChungDahm Program

ChungDahm Smart Learning Story

A Tour of a Teacher's Apartment in Busan

Take a tour of Julia Lubun's apartment in Busan.


Check out the apartment of Aclipse blogger and ChungDahm teacher Melanie Swallow. This video tour is a great way to find out what amenities you can expect your apartment to have when teaching in Korea.

A Tour of a Teacher's Apartment in Seoul

Here is a tour of the apartment of our blogger Marc Gonzales. While not all apartments are the same and can vary from city to city, hopefully this gives you a better idea of the living arrangements you can expect to have while teaching in Korea.

Setting up a Bank Account in Korea

Tijana goes into detail about how to set up a bank account in Korea, including offering tips about what branches you should use and how to transfer money back home.

Neighborhood in Korea

Our teacher blogger Zannah gives you a glimpse of what a typical neighborhood is like in Korea. Zannah's is the neighborhood of Yeonsu in Incheon.

Seoul Fireworks Festival

The Seoul Fireworks Festival is held yearly on the Yeoido river. It is a very popular event that attracts tourists to the city. The event is very crowded but worth the trip if you want to see some of the best firework displays. - Shot by Tijana Huysamen

Jamsil Bridge

The Jamsil Bridge stretches across the Han River. One of the cool parts about the bridge is you can take an elevator up it to enjoy scenic views. If you are an active person the bridge is a great place to take a bike ride or run.