United States Document Examples

Below are examples of what a criminal background check, an apostille for your background check, a notarized diploma and an apostille for a diploma looks like. Please make sure the name on your diploma and criminal background check matches the name on your passport. 

In emergency situations where a candidate is not able to meet a document deadline due to circumstances, we do allow you to mail in your original diploma to the Aclipse office. Once the original diploma is received a member of the Aclipse team will get it notarized and apostilled. The price of this service is $30 and should be discussed with the recruiter prior to mailing your diploma. The candidate should also provide a prepaid return envelope which will be used to send the original diploma back. 

Criminal Background Check
Depending on where you get your CBC from it maybe white or blue.

Criminal Background Check Apostille

Notarized Diploma
Your diploma must be notarized and apostilled in the same state.

Diploma Apostille
* Each state has a different apostille cover sheet, but make sure the cover sheet says "Apostille" on it.