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To teach English in Japan you will need a visa. Before you apply for your visa, however, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE). Your employer will apply for the CoE on your behalf. It takes four–six weeks for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Japanese immigration to issue a CoE. Once your employer mails you your CoE, you must apply for your visa at the nearest Japanese consulate or embassy in your home country.

background image To be eligible for a visa to Japan, you must have:

  • Completed a university degree
  • Twelve years of study in an English language setting (or be a native English speaker)
  • A valid passport, with at least one year of validity left on it
  • A clear criminal background check
  • You will need the following items when you apply for a visa:
    • One recent passport photograph (If you don’t have a Canadian passport, you will need immigration documents showing your legal status in Canada [e.g. Permanent Resident Card, Employment Authorization, Student Authorization, etc.])
    • Original “Certificate of Eligibility” from the Ministry of Justice in Japan
    • One photocopy of “Certificate of Eligibility”

It takes five–ten days for the Japanese embassy to issue your visa. The entire process (from CoE application to visa) can take approximately eight–ten weeks. To teach in Japan, you must apply for a visa in person in your home country. There is no system by which a proxy can carry out the application procedures in Japan.

Teach English in KoreaTeach English in Korea

Teach English in Korea
Teach English in Korea Teach English overseas Teach English in Korea
Teach English in Korea Teach English in Korea