Aclipse Visa Advising Package

Getting a job and visa to teach in South Korea can be time-consuming and confusing. To help de-stress this overwhelming process, Aclipse has a service to help you get accurate, helpful information, the job that’s right for you, and the correct documents for your visa to teach in South Korea.

About Us

The Aclipse team has been helping people teach in Asia for over ten years. We have experience teaching in Korea, China, and Japan. We know what leads to a smooth job hunt and visa process.  Check out our team here.

Visa Package $60

Ideal if you are in need of a bit of guidance through the hiring and visa process.

You get:

  • Email advice from our experienced team on visa process.
  • Instruction documents on gathering visa paperwork.

Expert Package $80

Combine Visa and Application Packages to ensure you get the job you want.

Apostille Package $80: 1 apostille/$140: 2 apostilles

Ideal for people who want to gather visa documents as quickly and painlessly as possible.

You get:

  • Instructions and a checklist for gathering the required visa documents
  • Email advice for questions and concerns related to gathering paperwork.
  • Up to 2 FBI background check apostilles

Application Package $60

Great if you want advice on preparing an appealing and eye-catching application.

You get:

  • Review of application materials for issues and advice.
  • Email advice on top presentation and making schools take notice.

Deluxe Package $160: 1 apostille/$180: 2 apostilles

Get the best of each package above:

  • Advice on creating a killer job application and impression.
  • Instructions and guidance on gathering visa documents.
  • Valuable information on life in Korea and preparing to depart.
  • Up to 2 FBI check apostilles

Call or email for more information.

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