ChungDahm Video Instructions

The introduction video plays an important role in the placement process. It is essential that you put effort and care into creating a video that presents the best first impression of you. It demonstrates your communication style, presentation savvy and provides CDL directors, who will be viewing your video and confirming your final placement, an opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level. Essentially directors will watch your video and decide if they want you teaching their students! The better your video is the sooner you will receive your contract and the more likely you are to get the placement you desire.

Once completed, email the video to your recruiter as an attached WMV or MP4 file. Your video must not be longer than 1.5 minutes or larger than 10MB. If it is longer or larger you’ll be asked to submit another one. One easy way to compress the file is to open it in windows movie maker and then save it for email. You should then be able to email the attached file.

When creating your video please consider the following:

  1. Your appearance must be neat and tidy (business casual, traditional hair styles and no visible tattoos/facial piercings).
  2. Stand 2-3 feet away from the camera in an area free of distractions (clean, clear background) and in a well-lit room (light should be directed at your face so your features are visible).
  3. Look directly into the camera. Do not read off of notes – plan out and practice what you want to say. You may need to do several takes before you have a video that is ready for submission.
  4. Ensure the audio and video are in synch and of very good quality (audible, crystal clear).
  5. Speak clearly and confidently. Vary your tone, pace and volume and speak without using fillers (um, ah, like). Directors are more interested in HOW you present more than what you say
  6. Smile and be energetic – imagine you are addressing your students for the first time! Directors want teachers with the energy level necessary for teaching so you must submit a lively and engaging video!!
Here are some suggestions of what to include in your video:


  1. Your name.
  2. Where you are from (something unique about the location).
  3. Your teaching, tutoring, instructing or coaching experience. If you don’t have any then talk about how your experience has equipped you with the skills needed for teaching. (Don’t say you do not have any relevant experience – you want to sell your strong points not point out a lack of them).
  4. Why you will be an effective teacher for CDL students.
  5. What you like about CDL.
  6. Something positive and interesting about you that makes you stand out from others!

If you have any questions about your video submission please consult with your recruiter first. If your recruiter feels that your video can be improved upon you’ll be asked to resubmit it. Remember we want to ensure you get the best placement possible and we know what the directors are looking for!

Below are four good examples of female and male candidates who put together quality videos. They all well illustrate all of the above points.